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mercy whips


Mercy Whips are made by Narcissa. Narcissa has been personally and professionally involved in the BDSM community for over 10 years. Naturally, during this time she developed a love for single tail whips. After learning and training from nationally and internationally recognized whip masters, she sought out to design the perfect whip for use at parties. 


Because they are made without any glue or adhesive tapes, nylon Mercy Whips can be sanitized by hand washing and hanging dry. The fall and crackers can be easily removed and reattached for sanitation.


All whips are designed with a shot-loaded core of stainless steel and lead. If you prefer a heavier whip with a little more heft or a different balance, more weight can be added. Standard whips are black with choice of one accent color or you may choose to customize your color scheme.

*Note to below measurements: length is measured from heel knot to hitch; it does not include fall and cracker length which add an additional 16 inches.


2 Foot

black with one accent color


3 Foot

black with one accent color


3 Foot Custom

main color other than black with one accent


+ Additional Colors

+$25.00 each color

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